Monday, August 13, 2007

Good twist to the Potluck Dinner

Casual parties are great but personally I'm not a big fan of the "potluck dinner" Most guests don't have enough time to plan what to bring, shop, and then prepare it. There is always a problem with bringing something while it's hot, or using up the hosts stove or oven space and you always end up with 10 desserts, a couple salads, two bags of chips and no main course. Why not try a "Pieces Parts" dinner party. Have a taco night and assign each guest an ingredient to bring - one person brings hard taco shells, one brings soft taco shells, one brings cheese, etc. Be specific - Mary bring one pound of cheese, John 24 taco shells....take all the stress out of the party for your guests. You provide the beef, chicken or fish (or all three) and ask each guest to bring one of the following:

Hard taco shells
Soft taco shells
Cheese (you can ask for different kinds)
Black Olives
Refried beans
Hot Sauce

The list could go on and on, just ask for whatever you like then put all the fixings on a counter and everyone makes their own. This could also be done with pizza. The host supplies the pizza crust and your guests will bring the pepperoni, cheese, black olives, pineapple, green peppers, sausage, beef, or chicken etc. The good thing about this is the your guests can bring the meat cold because you will heat it up when you cook the pizza.
Put your own special touch on your party and you can be a PartyCEO!

Thursday, August 9, 2007